A conference called 'Industrial (R)evolution' - '(R)ewolucja Przemysłowa' organized by DBR77 -took place on March 14-15, 2023. Among the many interesting panels, there was one particularly interesting for our industry: 'Algorithms and optimization in enterprise management'. One of the experts on the panel was the Vice-President of the Board of Otimo Ltd., Krzysztof Chaladyn.

What are the main trends, methods and areas where the use of AI algorithms is the most beneficial to manufacturing plants? What are the technological requirements and best market practices for implementing AI in manufacturing? Will AI replace people - what will the labor market look like and will managers still be needed? These are just some of the topics that were discussed. We started the panel with a brief overview of the types of AI that are used in industry, along with a discussion of their capabilities. We then discussed what real problems of manufacturing plants can be solved by implementing solutions based on artificial intelligence. We also wondered together whether it is actually time to monetize AI and - more broadly – algorithms. Then we moved on to tips on how to actually take the first step toward implementing AI in an industrial setting.

With the fever that ChatGPT has recently caused, it is hard to find a more topical subject. The panel therefore attracted a lot of attention and was full of interesting information and advice. For our part, we would like to thank the organizers for inviting Otimo to the expert panel and all the participants for the extremely interesting discussions!