APS Optimization

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

APS Systems

APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) systems, as the name suggests, are used to manage the planning and scheduling of production. Thanks to orders data, technology, resources, material stocks, as well as advanced algorithms for analyzing demand and efficiency, APS software allows you to optimally plan the course of production, ensuring shorter lead times as well as easier and faster reactions to unexpected changes in production. This translates into optimized operations, higher profitability and better customer service, among other benefits.

Advanced planning and scheduling systems exist both as stand-alone solutions and as software integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) or manufacturing execution systems (MES). The two primary levels of operation of APS systems are strategic planning and detailed scheduling.

Knowledge, control, resource optimization

Strategic planning and detailed scheduling

As part of strategic planning, APS analyzes long-term forecasts and orders, taking into account the availability of resources and additional constraints (e.g. technology and materials) to provide an accurate model of the production environment. On its basis, it predicts the demand for production resources, supports decision-making on the feasibility of orders, organizes more efficient use of materials, people and machinery, and influences the overall direction of production operations.

Detailed scheduling allows you to sequence and plan production in detail, not only in the short term (days) but also in the medium term (weeks) and in the long term (months or even years). Based on the entered data, a detailed production schedule can be generated instantly (either automatically or manually), which not only saves resources, but also allows for a quick response to changes in the market.

Advanced planning and scheduling in practice

Application of APS systems

APS systems oversee many aspects of the production environment, including:

  • Creating a master production schedule
  • Planning that takes into account multiple constraints and is based on orders placed
  • Interactive schedule viewing
  • Visualizing the assembly process
  • Advanced scheduling optimization
  • Planning of production to the warehouse (Make to Stock)
  • Custom planning (Make to Order)
  • Interactive schedule visualization
  • Planning at the Bill of Materials level


How does Otimo fit into this
and how can we help you?

At Otimo, we have been working on advanced optimization algorithms for years. From the very beginning, one of the core areas of our business implementations was the optimization of warehouse processes (WMS systems). Somewhat a natural consequence of this and the next step we put on the company’s development roadmap were APS systems.

Our solutions (algorithms, libraries and ready-made APIs) allow you to significantly improve the advanced scheduling and planning processes so as to increase their precision and efficiency. As a result, APS systems that incorporate our solutions:

Improve the synchronization and efficiency of production processes, so that unit costs and production lead times can be reduced (which will also translate into increased sales).

Provide full transparency and control over processes and resources.

Optimize delivery planning and resource utilization, thereby reducing inventory and waste levels.

Allow to create the most accurate and achievable production schedules, taking into account many constraints and business rules.

Enable instant analysis and study of various scenarios, guaranteeing the fastest possible response to potential changes.

Optimize decisions on increasing or decreasing workforce, machine utilization and planning material requirements.

Prioritize orders and split production batches more precisely.