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We create customized solutions for

combinatorial optimization problems.

We focus on areas related to logistics, warehouse management and transportation in the broad sense. Our algorithms achieve some of the best results in the world, allowing us to improve efficiency, automate processes and reduce operating costs, among other things.

We create universal solutions

- i.e. solutions that can be integrated into any system. We are not limited by programming language - both in the context of our libraries and APIs.

We use our experience in creating world-class algorithms to optimize the operation of WMS systems. It is currently our core-business, and we specialize in areas related to order picking and solutions for JSP (job-shop scheduling problem).

Another group of solutions we work with are APS systems. Our algorithms and libraries allow you to significantly improve advanced scheduling and planning processes so as to increase their precision and efficiency.

VRP optimization is embedded in OTIMO’s DNA. We dealt with it together and separately long before our company was founded, taking part in various projects and research works. We can pride ourselves not only on significant experience in this area, but also in world records.