Ótimo (Portuguese) – [adj.] optimal, perfect, great, excellent


Otimo is a team of world-class specialists in solving combinatorial optimization problems.

The company was founded on many years of our experience as academic researchers, programmers and enthusiasts, who have worked in various areas related to combinatorial optimization or Machine Learning for many domestic and foreign entities. Both as a team and separately, we have developed algorithms, created solutions (including APIs or libraries), and participated in numerous scientific research and development works in the field of advanced optimization.

In the course of working together on projects and during many hours of discussion, we discovered that it is not only a common passion that we share. It is also a vision of the direction which combinatorial optimization solutions are worth developing in, their potential and the enormous benefits they can offer to companies in various areas (with particular emphasis on logistics, warehouse management and transportation in the broad sense). Since we perfectly complement one another’s competencies, we established OTIMO in 2020 to implement our vision and ideas.



We acquired our first client almost immediately after the establishment of OTIMO. It happened because of our achievements in previous projects or under the names of other companies we worked for. The solutions we created several years ago, which we constantly develop, achieve some of the best results in the world for given optimization problems and compete as equals with the algorithms of technological giants from the USA or China (often beating them). For details, please visit the website of the independent Brazilian research institute Galgos, which keeps records of the best known solutions in the “global optimization race”. We are listed there in Gehring-Homberger benchmark, which deals with CVRPTW (Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows) problems, i.e. VRP with time windows:

We create universal solutions that can be integrated into any system. Depending on the needs and requirements of the client, we offer libraries or APIs. Importantly, we are not limited by programming language - both in the context of our libraries and APIs (created in the REST architectural style).


Top-class specialists in their fields!

We invite you to take a look at our offer:

We use our experience in creating world-class algorithms to optimize the operation of WMS systems. It is currently our core-business, and we specialize in areas related to order picking and solutions for JSP (job-shop scheduling problem).

Another group of solutions we work with are APS systems. Our algorithms and libraries allow you to significantly improve advanced scheduling and planning processes so as to increase their precision and efficiency.

VRP optimization is embedded in OTIMO’s DNA. We dealt with it together and separately long before our company was founded, taking part in various projects and research works. We can pride ourselves not only on significant experience in this area, but also in world records.