We are honored that our VRP Solver is a finalist in the Logistics Awards plebiscite in the "Solution enabling the optimization of warehouse, transport and distribution costs" category! This is a great recognition of our work and commitment to developing innovative solutions for the logistics industry.

Solver VRP is a world-class solution for handling advanced problems from the VRP (Vehicle Routing Problems) family, which optimizes the sum of total route costs - where route costs may result from both distance and exceeding set limits, time, etc., and all costs are weighted and the weight of a given cost is given along with the problem definition.

Our algorithms achieve some of the best results in the world for given optimization problems and compete equally with the solutions of technological giants from the USA or China (for details, please visit the website of the independent Brazilian research institute Galgos, where we are listed in the Gehring-Homberger benchmark, which deals with problems in the area of ​​CVRPTW - Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows, i.e. VRP with time windows).

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